Copy and Paste. Decal Division.

(Important Update: Dearest Decal Customers: Come October 1, 2017, we will reluctantly be upping our modest/per sheet prices to $25 Canadian and $15/per page add on fee for graphic design work for sheets not print ready. This is due to the fluctuation in currency against the USD and EURO, Courier and Material Costs, Paypal and Square fees and shipping materials. While it is our want to keep decals affordable and available to small run operations, it is becoming just too fine a line for us to keep this price where it is at currently. Hopefully you and your clientele will understand. Also, we are doing away with paper checks as a payment option and a polite reminder that payments are due as soon as you are invoiced. Many thanks for your continued Forage Studios Copy & Paste patronage.)

The Copy and Paste Division of Forage Studios is now the proud owners of a brand new 8 1/2" x 11"  full colour decal printer named Zeus. We are but a little operation (one gal and three wiener dogs) cranking out good ceramic fun on the east coast of Canada. Little as we are we have big hearts and a burning desire to provide honest and friendly Canadian service to those looking for small runs of decals cross the country and beyond. (Think about beavers serving you complimentary micro-brew beers at a junior level hockey game...that's how nice we are).


Scroll past the image below for some how to tips and a price list.

May the force be with us...
Mariko & co.
Copy and Paste Division of Forage Studios

How it works..

Waterslide ceramic decals are a fabulous addition to your clay endeavors both functional and sculptural.  They can be applied to low and hire fire ceramics but they require an pre-fired, already glazed glossy surface for the best results. (Matte and Bisque surface are not so good for decals.)  They also like to be applied to relatively smooth surfaces... the more textural the surface the harder it will be to get the decal to adhere evenly. Since there is no white ink in the ceramic printer, please make sure you consider what your background colour is going to be. At this time we cannot produce gold or other metallic colour with this digital process, but I can recommend someone who screenprints gold decals. Just drop me a line and I will put you in touch. A quick word about colour matching. We can get pretty close to as many colours you send our way, but as the printer is filled with china paint, and not paper ink, matching pantone colours is almost impossible.  To achieve the best colour range and results possible, please follow the firing instructions as closely as possible.

Disclaimer:  As a ceramic artist, I can only speak to technical issues regarding the firing of decals on to clay surfaces. These decals have been used successfully on glass by many of my clients, but I am not versed in that technology.

(Please note: The use of decals is best suited for white or off white surfaces. Sometimes the decals colours can come up as weepy or muted over certain types of glazes. The compromised colour is actually a result of a chemical reaction between the glazes on your pieces and the china paint. This doesn't mean that you can't use decals on stoneware, but rather it is a matter of trial and error with each glaze you use save for probably clear glaze on a white body. Also, the decal, when fired is glossy! Please remember to cut as close as possible to your image as the decal also leaves a slight raised fired edge)

Once your decal is applied (see below how to) you will be firing your wares to approximately Cone 016.

To learn more about the waterslide decal process please consult this FAQ page chock-o-block full of info click here.

Not sure what to make? I'll be starting up a gallery page soon, but in the mean time here are some examples of some fine Copy & Pasting on my Pinterest board.

Now to get your images to us!

  • Select your images and squeeze as many as you can into the printing space. If you are adept with Photoshop, great, if not you can even do it in a Word document.
  • The printing space is 8.5" x 11" or Letter size. No need to leave a margin around your total printable submission 
  • Please make sure file is set at 300 dpi .
  • If possible, please send your images as a "tiff" format. If not a pdf will do...and if that's a challenge just let me know and I will help you work things out
  • If you have rather large file (over 10MB), please use Hightail or Dropbox as a means of sending it our way. The email address is


The cost for each page of full colour decals is $25. If pages are not print ready. I.e. you ares sending loose images to be arranged, there is a $10 a page graphic design fee.

If colour samples are needed they are $25 a piece as we cannot break down the process into smaller jobs. Please note that we do our very best to match colours but again, the printer holds china paint, as opposed to ink toner and "reads" differently than work printed on paper and/or computer screens.

Graphic Design Work.

Included in the cost of each page is the basic importing of each page into Photoshop Elements, some basic size adjustments, printing and application of the covercoat/flux. 

Any other image arrangements or size adjustments will be considered extra graphic design work and comes at a cost of $10 a page .

Shipping & Handling Costs

Shipping will done through Canada Post at the following approximate rates :

$ 5  to Canada  ( 1-10 sheets)

$ 7   to The Good ol' US of A ( 1-10 sheets) 

International Shipping and Priority Shipping can most certainly be arranged.
Just let us know and we will calculate the costs involved for you.


Payments can be made through Paypal or Square.  

More questions? is where I can be found...Operators are standing by.