What are words worth?

Sitting here with head firmly pressed to the fan, the return of sweltering eastern seaboard temperatures is enough to scare the bejesus out of the most diligent of ice cream aficionados. Best to just order rum and raisins separately, I say, and save the ice for your cocktails and the cream for your coffee.  Needless to say it also makes the easy breezy West Coast of Canada seems a million miles away. To say I favour one shore over the other is like comparing apples to watermelons, so why bother. Why not just behold this stifling heat and it's accompanying call for stillness for what it's worth? In other words, why fight it? So I shall kick up my pulsing feat and retreat into a melty oasis of reflection with thirst quenching beverage in hand.

Strong like anchor.

Big or small, insignificant or life altering there is something to behold in stumbling into a new chapter that makes up one's life, why, even if you weren't quite ready to turn the page. While most of the blog entries found here will be short and sweet, not unlike their author, others might be a little longer, more detailed and perhaps a little personal in nature. Redgardless of their length I’d like to use this space to introduce you to some of the places and faces in my neighbourhood in addition to keeping you abreast of my seaside ceramic ways. So I invite you to read on with curiosity-lite and let it develop into a fascination of sorts. I have a feeling that when I lift this rock called Lunenburg up just a little, it’ll reveal a tidal pool of treasures.

So let's kick this wordy blogging adventure off with a favourite song of mine, namely, The Wordy Rappinghood by the Tom Tom Club.  For words are worth so, so much in my humble opinion.


Mud, Sweat and Tears

Good Boots and Shoes will be required to take on all the News & Events Forage has to offer. My choice is sturdy pair of Fleuvog Cowboy Boots. Tough enough to take on the day's hard work, flashy enough to take on a hard day'snight.

Feel free to scroll through the blog & peruse our most heartfelt efforts.


Forage Studios Loves You

Valentine's Day proper comes around but once a year,
but love lasts the whole year through, nest ce pas?
 Show your dirty, dirty love for your favourite "friend" or for yourself.
A little self love never hurt, right?

10 hours (at $10 hour) at Forage Studio's Open Studio oughta do the trick to scratch that ceramic itch and ensure spousal happiness for at least a month or two.

C'mon...you know you wanna make them happy.


Ceramic Decal Printer...a fundraising campaign

We are well under way to purchasing a ceramic printer from Digital Ceramics TechnologiesNow that the holidays have passed we'll be continuing on with our Gallery of Ceramics and other Fine Art creations, 40% of which will go to the campaign to raise the remaining funds.

Where does the other 60% go? Why back to the artists so it's a win win situation.

We'll have a gallery to peruse through soon! I'll keep you posted.

Send us an email at mariko.foragestudios@gmail.com if you'd like to participate. Visit our Facebook Page for updates too.